£1,000 Corporate Video Prize Draw - Terms & Conditions

For the purposes of these terms and conditions, Paramore Productions and Sunset Rider Productions will henceforth be referred to as the ‘Producer’. The winner of the draw will henceforth be referred to as the ‘Client’. The video-film to be supplied to the Client will henceforth be referred to as the ‘Product’.

  • Production will be based on a timescale of 1 day shooting (or 2 half-days, as is appropriate) and 2 days editing, to a total value of £1000, based on the Producer’s standard rates. Should additional time be required of the Producer to meet the Client’s brief, this will be agreed in advance, and invoiced by the Producer at their standard rates.

  • Production will be undertaken following consultation with the Client as to their requirements. The Client will be responsible for completing a Treatment Form (or production brief) following this consultation, including relevant timescales, location and contact details, and a breakdown of their requirements for the finished Product. The Producer will determine what is feasible, within the confines of these terms. Unless otherwise agreed, the Client accepts the Producer’s decisions on creativity within the Product.

  • Shooting to take place within the county borders of Cornwall, Devon, Somerset and/or Dorset. All expenses will be covered by the Producer. Additional mileage expenses beyond these areas to be covered by the Client, at a cost of £0.40 per mile.

  • The Producer will employ production equipment as is appropriate to fulfill the brief, and to meet a professional creative standard.

  • The Producer and Client will act in accordance with all relevant health and safety requirements in order to provide Product.

  • The Client must ensure that all necessary arrangements have been made with, and permissions obtained from, people and places that may be recorded on video as a result of the Producer supplying the Product, and that such recording is in compliance with Data Protection.

  • The Producer retains copyright in all their Original Material. Original Material includes video recordings, graphics, soundtracks, printed material and any other design or artwork produced in the course of creating the Product.

  • The Client must ensure that permission is sought for the inclusion of any copyright material they supply to the Producer to enable them to deliver the Product. The Client must also ensure that permission is sought for the inclusion of any performers or performances, trademarks and locations. The Producer retains the right to use this material in its original and edited form as they see fit, unless otherwise agreed during consultation. The Client agrees to indemnify the Producer in the event of any breach of copyright claims being brought against the Producer in respect of material supplied by the Client.

  • Whilst every care will be taken in the handling of the Client’s property, the Producer accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any loss or damage, howsoever caused, or any other loss by unforeseen circumstances whilst they are in the custody of the Producer. Liability for such loss or damage will be limited to the replacement cost of the materials or media and in no circumstances will any liability attach to any claim for the value of the content.

  • The Producer accepts no liability for any loss or damage that may arise from the supply of the Product. In the unlikely event of the Producer being unable to supply the Product as specified in the Treatment, liability shall be limited to the total invoice value or monies already paid by the Client.

  • The Producer retains the right to assign the supply of the Product to the Client to another suitable company should they be unable to complete these terms and conditions.